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On September 26th, 1981 the black-footed ferret was rediscovered near Meeteetse, Wyoming giving hope to a species that was until then considered extinct.

Explore this website to find the most up-to-date and accurate information pertaining to the endangered black-footed ferret and learn about ongoing efforts to recover this unique mammal.

Video by Prairie Wildlife Research

Black-footed Ferret Revised Recovery Plan

Now Available!

You may access a copy of the BFF Recovery Plan and additional documents here.

USFWS Completes and Initiates Use of Black-Footed Ferret Programmatic Safe Harbor Agreement

SHA provides new opportunities for private and Tribal landowners

You may access a copy of the BFF SHA and additional documents here.

2015 Breeding Season Is Here

The 2015 breeding season has started at the captive breeding facilities. Many thanks to the partners at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Louisville Zoo, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Phoenix Zoo and the Toronto Zoo. Stay tuned for updates on BFF kit numbers. It is going to be a great year!!!

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